AuthorTheme FAQ

Frequently asked question about AuthorTheme. Updated: March, 2016.

Q: Does AuthorTheme still work with the latest version of WordPress?
A: Yes it does. The last update was a while ago now but each time a new version of WordPress is released AuthorTheme is carefully checked for compatibility. When themes are coded using WordPress recommended guidelines (as as the case with AuthorTheme) WordPress updates have much less impact or no impact at all. AuthorTheme works just fine with WordPress v4.4.2 (the latest version of WordPress at the time this FAQ was written).

Q: Can AuthorTheme have multiple authors on the same site?
A: Yes it can. AuthorTheme uses regular WordPress functions and methods wherever possible so authors are standard WordPress users and therefore you can have as many authors as you need. Each author has their own bio page and the AuthorTheme slider will automatically display only the books by that author on the author’s bio page.

Q: How do I add an mailing Opt-in form?
A: Simple, just activate the AuthorTheme sidebar and use a standard WordPress text widget to embed your mail responder form. Or use a widget in the AuthorTheme footer sidebar.

Q: Can I turn AuthorTheme into a membership site?
A: AuthorTheme doesn’t have membership functions built-in, but it will happily work with any membership plugin. We recommend Paid Memberships Pro because it is a powerful, well maintained, open source and free fully featured membership plugin.

Q: Does AuthorTheme have an affiliate program?
A: Yes it does, please see our Affiliate Page.

Q: Can I use AuthorTheme on more than one web site?
A: Yes you can, you can use it on as many of your web sites as you like. However, you must be the owner of any web site on which the theme is installed and you must not give the theme away or sell it to third parties or install it on your client’s or student’s web sites. A separate copy of AuthorTheme must be purchased if you want to install it on a web site owned by a third party (including clients or students).

Q: Can AuthorTheme import other Amazon Marketplace products, not just books?
A: Yes it can, AuthorTheme can import any product from Amazon that is made available through their Marketplace API.

Q: Can I use AuthorTheme with other book vendors rather than or in addition to Amazon?
A: Yes you can, book details can be entered manually and book images, descriptions, buy buttons, etc. are all manually customisable.

Q: Can I use an image logo in the header, rather than text?
A: No, not directly. But if you have a little knowledge of CSS it’s simple enough to add some rules in the Custom CSS theme options page to swap out the text with a logo.

Q: Will there be any further updates to AuthorTheme?
A: Yes, a major update is planned for some time in 2016. This will bring some powerful new features that will make the task of building and maintaining an author web site even easier. In the meantime, if bugs, WordPress compatibility or security issues crop up they will be fixed in a timely manner as usual.