AuthorTheme Hosting Package

AuthorTheme Hosting Package SAVE $105

“Over the last three or four years Danny Ramdenee has played an important role in my success. His ability to handle technical details and problems has continued to keep my business moving forward.

Highly recommended.”

— Brian G. Johnson, Million dollar marketer & best selling Amazon author

ZERO Effort/ ZERO Maintenance Author Sites

AuthorTheme already saves you a huge amount of time, it’s the fastest and easiest way to get an author site online.

But there’s still some work to do. You need to set up your hosting if you don’t already have that done. You need to install and configure WordPress. Then you can get started taking advantage of the power and speed of AuthorTheme.

After that, you need to maintain your web site, backup your data, keep WordPress and AuthorTheme and your plugins up to date, keep everything secure and keep a lid on the spam comments. This is an ongoing process that takes up time. Time you could be using to write and promote your books.

The Solution – AuthorTheme Hosting

  • Hosting account with full cPanel access – set up for you;
  • WordPress – installed and configured for you;
  • Recommended Plugins – installed and configured for you;
  • AuthorTheme – installed and configured for you;
  • WordPress, Theme and Plugins updates – done for you you;
  • Full Site Backup – done for you every day, roll back the site to any point within the last two weeks;
  • Security – taken care of for you, your site is hardened and then monitored 24/7, security patches are applied immediately;
  • Uptime – monitored 24/7, if your site goes down we deal with it, usually we’ll have the problem fixed before you are even aware;
  • Performance – monitored and optimised;
  • Comment Spam – eliminated, we’ll also take steps to block the most prolific spammers so they can’t even reach your site;
  • Databases – regularly optimised for maximum performance;
  • Support – Premier help desk for hosting support, AuthorTheme and Magic Bullet Books support, never waste time again, get the answers you need fast so you can move on.

This is the ultimate package for authors – you concentrate on your books and we take care of everything else. How much time are you spending on non-profitable tasks? Time is money. How much is 30 minutes of your time worth? An hour? A day?

No-Brainer, 27 Cents a Day for a Professional, Secure and Fully Maintained Author Site…

You get all the benefits above for the cost of a cheap hosting account. These services usually cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars elsewhere, even the standard cost of our service is $17 per month, or $204 per year. Sign up now and get this special low price, save $105. Capacity is limited so act right away – once the spaces are filled this offer won’t come back. The technical support alone could be worth many times the price you’ll pay.

You get full and simple to follow details of how to activate your hosting once you have signed up. 30 day money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisified with the service. Click the Order Button below to secure the very best author site service on the net.

“It was like being rescued! He got me up and running in no time and took over the site on his own hosting package where I have had no issues at all. I am delighted with a fantastic service where I feel secure in the knowledge that I’m being looked after by the best.

Honestly, if you have even the slightest fear of pressing that button to update WordPress or a plugin in case it causes havoc, jump on board, it’s almost criminal to pay so little and get so much in return.”

— Christine Vencato, customer for 2 years

“A relative “newbie” wants to write…

Discovers that merely writing is one thing; developing the IT skills to manage online publishing is another.

Signs up to the program, reads the forum.

Soon picks up on the wisdom of others and via that, discovers Danny is “the Man”.

Realises an Author page on Amazon is not enough in itself.

Discovers Author Theme and connects to the expertise of Danny.

Sends in the details from the Southern Hemisphere.

Wakes up in the morning to discover that overnight, everything is up and running – incredible!

Thanks for what you offer and more importantly, what you do, Danny.”

— Geoff Sullivan, Kindle author