MagicBulletBooks – How To Set Sub-Titles

MagicBulletBooks is the Kindle formatting system provided for free with AuthorTheme. It helps authors create properly formatted Kindle books quickly and easily using a visual editor similar to WordPress or Microsoft Word.

MagicBulletBooks automatically creates all the complicated files required by the Kindle to generate an e-book for use on Kindle devices. This includes creating a table of contents for your book. The table of contents can be nested up to three levels deep. This means it will display chapter titles from your book and optionally secondary and tertiary sub-headings within the table of contents.

When adding a new publication (book) simply select the level of nesting required on the Add Publication screen.


Now you can add sub-titles within the pages (chapters) of your book and these will be listed in the table of contents. To do this type out your sub-title, select it with the cursor and use the Formatting tool on the editor toolbar to add H2 or H3 style.


That’s all there is to it.