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Internet Explorer 8 Users

Bah! I say to you. And Bah! Why don’t you use a proper browser? Okay so I know Microsoft is stuck with IE8 for a while because its attempt to screw more money out of business users by trying to force them to upgrade to the resource crushing Windows 7 (and let’s not even mention Vista) – failed. So Windows XP (not a bad operating system all in all) and IE8 ( a really, really […]

Notes to Initial Review Release – Please Read

Version 0.95 Beta This is beta software, please do not use on a production site until version 1.0 is available, which will be on Monday 1st October. There is enough present in the beta version to review the main functions of the theme, however some of the styling and layout elements are not included so if you spot any layout errors we’re aware and there’s no need to report back. However, if there are any […]